Doktryna 3-13 Operacje Informacyjne

Information Operations and the Information-Influence Relational Framework
Influence is at the heart of diplomacy and military operations, with integration of IRCs providing a powerful means for influence.
The relational framework describes the application, integration, and synchronization of I RCs to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp the decision making of TAs to create a desired effect to support achievement of an objective.
Using this description, the following example illustrates how IRCs can be employed to create a specific effect against an adversary or poten tial adversary.
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMMANDER’S OVERVIEW•Provides an Overview of Information Operations (IO) and the Information Environment• Describes IO and Its Relationships and Integration• Addresses IO Authorities, Responsibilities, and Legal Considerations• Explains Integrating Information-Related Capabilities into the Joint Operation Planning Process• Covers Multinational Information Operation